Monday, April 26, 2010

Movies and Music. My 2 favorite things.

This weekend I went and saw Kick-Ass. Recommendation to my usuall readers, don't see it. You wouldn't like it. The f word all the time and an 11 year old girl killing everyone. It was kind of funny and but I don't think that my friends would like this movie at all.
Moving on, I got my copy of Avatar today!! Yea! I watched it and it's still a good movie. Of course my roommate, Katie, doesn't like it cause it's not indie so she critisizes it like none other. I have found that if she doesn't like something she will trash on it like none other. Well I guess everyone has their character flaws. Anyways back to Avatar, Sam Worhtington is so hot. I would love to be kidnapped by him. Holy crap is he hot and awesome.
Now to the music subject. I found a cool band. It's called Five Finger Death Punch. They kind of have a style like All That Remains. Most of their songs are in the screamo category, but the songs that are normally sung are pretty good. I will put up a few links to songs.

Hard To See
Never Enough (ignor the one swear word cause I got the edited version)
Bad Company

I have a couple others but these are the best ones. I really like Bad Company.


  1. I like all these songs. The beat and the tune are great! Never Enough didn't hold my attention as much as the other two though. I think my favorite has got to be Hard To See!

  2. I do like Hard To See and I really like Never Enough. I will have to send you the songs I bought of theirs.