Friday, April 23, 2010

Jaws Part 3

Jaws 3 sucked soooooooooo bad. Holy crap. I can't believe that a Jaws movie could suck so badly. (Actually I can cause Jaws Revenge sucks pretty bad.) Well in this Jaws movie, a giant shark gets into Sea World. WTF!!!! Well that's not all. The acting sucked, the story sucked, the CGI sucked like a black hole, and 2 hours of my life was sucked from me. The story was just bad decision after bad decision. Well to fight the shark, they tried to lure it into a filter, it worked but the guy who lured the shark in got eaten in a pretty stupid fashion (but death by shark not the less). Well the manager guy said to shut off the filter. Well that enabled the shark to swim better, but the shark swam backwards. NO SUCH THING!! SHARK CAN'T SWIM BACKWARDS!! I WOULD KNOW!! haha. Well anyways it was stupid and just stick with the first Jaws and maybe the second one.


  1. The shark swimmed backwards? I'm not going into marine biology and even I could have told you that sharks don't swim backwards...haha...Well sorry you wasted two hours of your life, especially over something that sucked.

  2. I should have said "swam" Oh well....haha