Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I just bought a new song today and I LOVE it!


This is Breaking Benjamin doing a Queen cover of the song Who Wants to Live Forever. I love it. Ben has the most AMAZING voice ever. I love his voice. It's way way way super awesome, especially in this song. Ben is the absolute shiz and he is pretty good looking too. I will post a link to the original song, but the original is really mellow and kind of not my style. And I just love Ben's voice he is amazing and the best. BREAKING BENJAMIN FOREVER!!!!!


Kind of a dweeby music video. But hey its Queen what do you expect.


  1. I like this song's tune and beat, but the lyrics bother me for some reason. Maybe I just don't really agree with them or something. Who really thinks about the lyrics anyway right? Haha....I usually don't

  2. I don't really mind the song lyrics. I like the way Ben sings in. His voice is just divine. (Girly sigh)

  3. hehe..."his voice is just divine"
    You make me smile. I've been so addicted to Give Me a Sign lately. Probably because it's the first song on your blog playlist ;)

  4. Yeah. Have you seen the new music video for that song. I have a link to it on one of my blogs. I like the video cause they have references to all their other cds. They have the saturate cover in a picture. They have the phobia guy as the angel, the guy from the cover of we are not alone is a guy in the hopital, and the dear agony brain scan is hanging up. I was excited when I figured all of those out. So see the music video.

  5. Yes I did see that music video. It's funny though because I never really associated that song with physical death or dying before I saw it. I thought it had more to do with the death of the soul....I guess it still does though.

  6. Ben makes his song to be interepreted by the individual person. So what you thought of the song is what he wants you to think of. I didn't really think of it as death but it kind of works. I really think they kind of just make music videos that can go along with the song.