Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whoever says Clash of the Titans sucks can SUCK IT!!!

Clash of the Titans was way cool. The End.
Clash of the Titans was full of monsters and action and swordfight (some kind of cheesy) and a certain hot guy, Sam Worthington. I liked the movie. Clash of the Titans is about a man, Perseus (Worthington), who is the son of Zeus and to save mankind from destruction by the gods he has to fight a bunch of cool action monsters. Perseus has to fight Medusa, giant Scorpions, the Kraken, and other monsters. He has help from some soilders,a flying horse (Pegasus), an unaging woman named Io, a magical sword from his father, and various other things that I can't think of. No Boobo though, :( That's okay. I like this movie and I still do love the original. This is a sweet action movie and everyone should see it. Even in 3D.


  1. Clash of the Titans was totally awesome! I liked how we got to see that interview with Sam, even if Jimmy Fallon was being stupid with the Kraken for the longest time! He's even more hot off screen, especially with his accent. His nervousness is kinda cute too, because I think it shows that fame hasn't gone completely to his head.

    Medusa was pretty cool CGI. I'm going to go find a Medusa desktop wallpaper now.

  2. Yeah. I really liked the interview too. I just saw an Outback Steakhouse commercial and I thought of how Sam said that the only cool Australian hang out in New York was the Outback Steakhouse. I was giggling. I also love how he is nervous on interviews. He is still a normal person who just hit it big and it is way cute and he is pretty funny. And the Medusa was pretty shiz.
    I love Sam Worthington. He is the shiz. Maybe I should kidnap him too. :D

  3. When it comes to Sam Worthington.....

    I think you should let him kidnap you!
    That would be WAY more fun in my opinion!
    We just got to convince him to ;)

  4. Please!!!! Tell him I wont put up much of a struggle. :D Or any at all. ;)

  5. I will let him know! But I think you might want to put up a little bit of struggle even if it's a fake one. Otherwise it wouldn't be as fun for him.
    Oh to be kidnapped by Sam Worthington!

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Okay I will try to put up a seaminly good one just to make it more fun for him. Hahaha.