Friday, March 5, 2010

Guess what? Not chicken butt.

I passed my lifeguard class. Yea!!!! But that took forever last night to test 10 people on everything. We treaded water for a total of 45 min. My calfs hurt pretty bad. But while we were waiting to do backboarding, we were all in the other pool doing sinerioes. In the last sinerio, there was one lifeguard (who didn't know what we were going to do) and we decided that there would be one active drowning victum (splashing and drowning) and as soon as the lifeguard got in the water to save that person the rest of us would be passive drowning (face down and not moving). It was sooo funny. The poor kid saw us all drowning and was pissed. He grabed the closest passive, went to the active, went to me, went to the person next to me, then went across the pool to the person in the first lane. There was one other person clear across the pool and she got saved by a girl who had just finished backboarding. It was so funny. The best part was that there was lane lines so the guy had to get over and under them to get to all of us. We were laughing pretty hard.
But anyways, my group was the last group to do backboarding so I didn't get home until 11:00 last night and I had to study for a biology test which I just took. But it was fun and I only messed up on like one part of the test. We were doing first aid sinerioes. Mine was that a patron fell and cut his leg. So I bandaged the leg no problem, but the person went into shock cause of the blood. I totally forgot what to do for shock. So I wrapped the person in a towel, laid them on the floor, put their feet up then called for 911. Well I was suppose to call 911 first. So I suck. Jk. I kicked trash in doing CPR on an adult and a baby. And when we were backboarding, we were trying to pull our victum out of the water on the backboard and we did that wrong. This guy was pretty big so it took a lot of strenght to get him out. Well we pulled him out wrong. Instead of keeping the head down low, we had his head up pretty high (which makes us pulling all of his weight and not some) and I totally slipped onto my butt and hit the tile pretty hard. It hurt my butt, but we didn't drop him so we just pulled him out with lots of effort. So yeah thats what I did and I won. :)

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