Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm just setting myself up for failure.

Not really. My title is kind of a joke, but I do certainly set myself up to be scared at night. So does anyone other than me watch those stupid ghost hunter show on tv? I used to watch shows like The Scariest Places on Earth and things like that and the thing about those shows are is that they are only on late at night. Well when I watch those shows I am usually alone with my blanket in the dark. So yeah! I like to scare myself.
Well last night I was on Netflix and I was watching a show called Ghost Adventures. It's these 3 guys who lock themselves into hunted places and taunt ghosts. Well I like to watch stuff like this and the main guy is pretty good looking and very physically fit. (Oh my biceps and pecks and abs and back!) He is good looking. Well last night I watched 2 episodes of that show on my computer with my light on with my roommate in the room. So I didn't think that that would be bad. Yeah right! I am one of those people who don't fall asleep very easily and so guess what I thought about...ghosts. Yea me! I'm dumb.
So I scared myself and I had scary dreams. GREAT. My roommate and I also talked about how demonic spirits could be here on earth cause Satan and his minions (I love that word) are here on this earth and are pissed at us. And Christ cast those demons out of swine and people and stuff. We talked about that stuff for awhile after I watched those episodes. So that just built on this stuff.
Oh and the main guy's name is Zak Bagans (I warn you on your image search, I doesn't look too terrible great in some of the pictues but they are modest so you can look and not have hobo brain unless you find him good looking like me and your hobo brain is never shut off like me.)


  1. You're so silly :) But I can't really accuse you of that because I do the same thing. Scaring yourself is just too fun I think. But I don't like scaring myself enough to watch horror movies....haha

  2. I'm not a weirdo, I just like weird stuff. And besides we all do weird stuff for hot guys. And this stuff is interesting.