Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matt Damon is hot.

I just went and saw Green Zone. Was a pretty good. And it had Matt Damon who is hot. Love Matt Damon. This movie was pretty good. It is about an army unit that is out to find WMD (weapons of mass destrution). Wherever they go, there are no weapons. Cheif Miller (Matt Damon) is questioning the intelligence that they are getting. The intelligence is coming from and inside Iraqi source code named Magellon. Miller is asking and finds that he can capture a high ranking Iraqi military general. He is chasing after the general and asking questions. He finds that there is no weapons and they were made up and he trys to get evidence to prove it.
Pretty good movie. There were lots of gun fire and explosions. Matt Damon did some good acting. The only bad thing that I found was the f word. (Turns out that this movie is rated R.) I liked it but it still doesn't beat The Hurt Locker. Yea for war movies.