Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I REALLY hate cars. So the day started out bad cause...well...I woke up. That was bad its self. Then I go to biology. Great biology (sarcasum). Well this gross couple sits next to me. first to start out, why the crap do they even go to class if they don't take notes and they just talk to each other and text the WHOLE time? Then they guy had his hands all over the girls legs and thighs and was just rubbing her all over. Gross. I hope when (if ever) I get a boyfriend that we are not gross in public cause that was really gross. The good part of today was that in stats we are doing something I know how to do. Confidence Intervals!! And we had a quiz on it today in recitation and I rocked that test up and down. (So I think but I will get it back on Friday and find out that I fail at life.) But then I had to go home to S. Weber for a couple of hours to get my dad to sign some finacial aid papers for me. Well do you think that that went easy for me. NO!!! My battery is shot to the high heavens. I seriously hate life. First I tried to start it, couldn't do it. I called my dad and he said try to get a jump. So I got CL, pushed my car out of its parking spot, and then had to flag down a guy. (women + car + problem = find male) We had my car hooked to CLs car for like 15 min and it still didn't start. Sooooo the tomorrow I have to get a new battery instead of sleep. (My early morning class was canceled. YEA!)
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I hate my car. First I had to put $600 into it to fix my radiator and get new spark plugs. Now I will have to spend another $50 for a new battery. This car better last me forever now!


  1. POOOOOP! What is with you guys and car trouble, lol!?

  2. My car sits there....and rusts away.

    Hahaha... I like your mathematics (women+car+problems=find male)that's solid! We should have used it in Shock's class in high school cuz sometimes we just made crap up in that class anyway....

  3. & I know how you feel about wanting stuff to last laptop's power cable's inner wires are fraying and I have to bend the cord at an angle to get it to work. I looked at the price of a new one compatible with my's 79 freaking dollars!

  4. Haha. We totally did make up crap in Shock's class. How in the crap did we pass? Haha. And Ashley, at least we have a car. :) Erika, I bet you can find power cables somewhere cheaper. Try going to like Walmart, Best Buy, even to your computer's manufacture. I bet you can even get one on Amazon cause I just bought a Ipod Car FM Transmitter for $12.