Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hooray for movies!!!!

Yeah I watched another movie. (Story of my life.) This one is called the Lazarus Project. This is a Paul Walker movie, so yeah, you know how I am. It actually was pretty good. Its about this man named Ben (Paul Walker) who just got off of parol and is living with his wife and daughter. He works at a brewery and was going to get a management job at the new brewery, but the people in charge found his criminal record and had him fired. His brother wants him to go rob a place that makes computer parts and uses gold dust. So he is desperate and goes to rob the place but the police show up and kill 3 people. And since he was there and in a way responsible for the deaths of 3 people, he got the death penalty. (You may think that law is messed up, but they are in Texas. That messed up place.) So he gets leathal injection.
But he wakes up and finds out that he gets a second chance (in Oregon) as a groundskeeper at a psyciatric hospital. But he can never leave the place or he will die and he can't contact his family. So he works and finds a dog and he tries to leave but his "guardian" tells him he will die. Then he finally decieds he will leave for real and not stop. But he gets knocked out and the doctor from the hospital tells him that he was imagining all of that and he is actually a patient at the hospital. But Ben finds evidence that he is not a patient and things like that. Well I wont give away the ending. But you should watch it. Its good and Paul Walker is hot.


  1. Wow....that does sound like a good movie! And yes, watching movies *is* the story of your life.... ;)

  2. Haha. Movies are the best. They make me happy.