Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break final post (DONT START HERE!)

Spring break in St. George was fun. It was soooooo warm the highs in the 70s. Wow. That was fun. My aunt and uncle are part owners of a resturant down there called Wingnuts. Supposivly there is one in Ogden so I will have to take my friends cause they have kickin wings. Dang that was good food. I also hung out with my cousins. That was way fun. I saw a lot of movies too (as you already know). Except on Wednesday I did not sleep cause Aunt Flo visited and I was sick from dinner. So I had pain in my back, stomach, and gut. Then I eventually worked up the courage to go throw up (at 8:00 in the morning) so I was awake all night. Then Thursday, I went to the Cannery to help my aunt. Now I know to never go to the Cannery cause it sucks. Then on Friday I went swimming. Well I had fun. And it was sooooooo warm. But the 5 hour drive down and 5 hour drive back sucked. But I was alone with my music at full blast so I guess I was alright. Well my friends blog about your spring break so I can read them. I mean it! Blog about your spring break or I will karate chop you!!! Haha.


  1. I like going the cannery it is fun! and what if I have nothing to blog about my spring break? Nothing and I mean NOTHING happened

  2. Whatever did do stuff over the Spring Break to blog about...

    Anyways...I never have been to Wingnuts. We will have to go there sometime. That's fun that you got to go to St. George! Swimming in the sun is something I've been dying to do! But I'll get plenty of opportunity this summer especially when I visit my Dad in Phoenix in June :)

  3. I wish I got to swim in the sun. It was an indoor pool. Well have fun in Phoenix cause tha sounds fun. And Phlegmatic do as I say and blog about spring break. You too aph-germany.