Sunday, March 7, 2010

Utah State Aggie Basketball

Yea for Aggie Basketball. We are WAC champions. We should be going to the NCAA finals. Last night we played the New Mexico State Aggies. We won 81-63! Watching Aggie Basketball on tv is one thing, being there and yelling with the crowd in another. The Spectrum (where we play) is soooooo loud cause of all the students. We are super mean too. We yell things like "Stupid," "You suck," "Take his whistle" (to the bad refes) and crap like that. I was laughing so hard. My throat was so sore after. It was so much fun. We kick butt and I got to see the hottest player on our team, a married senior named Jared Quayle, play his last game. He is so hot. Too bad. Oh well. This was my first game that I went to, so next year I will have to go to more.


  1. The guy who is sitting with us is actually a mask of Jared Quayle that was made. It's actually Melissa with the mask. That is one hot mask. :)

  2. Thank you for posting pictures of you guys! That is always fun to see :) Looks like you had fun! I haven't been to a basketball game in forever....I'm so deprived...jk ;)